Wedding Jewellery

The majority of O3zone Wedding Jewellery is bespoke; designed specifically to fulfill your requirements.  The Rainbow Collection, The Colorfall Collection and the Colorfall Silver Collection include Limited Edition designs which can be given as gifts to members of the wedding party.  Additionally a small range of one-off designs are available to to choose from, plus I can also design and create bespoke pieces for special occasions.

Only a selection of pictures have been included on this page as most o3zone Wedding Jewellery is either bespoke or of a one-off design. 

If you wish to look at the jewellery, a selection is usually available in the retails outlets and on show at the Fairs I attend.  The current outlets, events and Fair details are listed on the Retail Outlets page.

If you wish to view a wider range of our jewellery or discuss a specific design then please contact O3zone details are given on the Contact details page.